2015 Instructional Design Trends Compass: Calling IDs to Action

Attention, fellow instructional designers! Our industry is all about learning and change, but our target audiences are not the only ones who should be learning. This in-depth article will help you stay at the forefront of 2015 instructional design trends. And it’s not just a list of the trends, but a “compass” with calls to action to help you implement them.

How to Put Instructional Design Trends to Action

Like most years, 2014 ended with articles about the latest trends in instructional design, e-learning, and training and development. Often these articles describe technology trends by highlighting the “cool” factor to which we should be paying attention. These pieces are important—we need to remain in touch with trends and issues in our field. But perhaps what’s even more important is that we determine how to implement these trends (or decide whether we should). Cool technology is one thing, but what does it mean for instructional design practices?

With support from my colleagues Clare Dygert (senior instructional designer at SweetRush) and Catherine Davis (SweetRush’s instructional design practice lead), I present to you the 2015 Instructional Design Trends Compass. This article will help you identify some of the hot topics and trends and help you navigate the landscape by pointing you in the direction of resources to assist you with putting them into practice. As we like to say in instructional design: it’s great that you know something, but what can you do with this knowledge?