Macau Entertainment Industry beyond Casinos and Hotels | Chong Hin U | TEDxYouth@TIS

What is your impression of Macau entertainment industry? Casino? Hotel? Casino again? Hin proves that there is more...

Hin was born in Macau and is one of the founders of The Pride Entertainment Productions Co. Ltd. The production company was established in 2013 and is specialised in artist management, online broadcast productions. Hin completed his university degree at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, majoring at Film TV and New Media Production. After his completion of his graduate degree, Hin returned to his origin--Macau and started up his own career as a director. In April 2012 Hin was invited by his alma mater, The Pui Ching Middle School, to be their tutor in the Video Production Class. Besides his tutoring work, he also co-operated with the General Association of Chinese Students of Macao and produced the online videocast named "Youth 360", a popular youth online broadcast in Macau.

 Hin's interest is not restricted to only online broadcasting, he also directed a number of television commercials, micro films. In some cases he also worked with the Government of Macau and some companies in Macau and Hong Kong, such as the MGM Grand to produce promotional videos. Hin's ambition is to create a new platform to provide free entertainment to local audiences, and it is one of the driving forces behind all his success.

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